March 19, 2018

Organizations are inquisitive and eager to embrace the ‘cloud-way’ of IT service delivery and support capabilities to transition from CapEx based IT consumption to the OpEx based dynamic chargeback model.

Most of the organisations have significantly automated their IT processes and have virtualised their IT landscape to reduce turnaround time to meet the business needs. These organisations are frontrunners in transforming their IT landscape into a private cloud by deploying cloud lifecycle management (CLM) suites to orchestrate their end-to-end IT service delivery capabilities. The big-bang CLM deployment has enabled them achieve better consolidation ratio in the virtualised landscape for efficient resource provisioning and there is doubt about it. Unfortunately, such tool centric maturity don’t help the organisations to realize the real benefits of cloud as mere tools and technology does not delivery a true ‘business cloud’ for the organisations, and probably the new tools would make the IT operations and support a challenging task. These are sheer tools and technology adoption waves to make the IT service delivery faster and quicker (aka on-demand), but not better. Nevertheless, intrinsic characteristics of CLM deployment viz., on-demand resource provisioning, ability to have near real-time resource utilisation visibility and the chargeback capabilities are the few of the characteristics of a true business cloud.




Characteristics of a true business clouds are -

  1. Delivering holistic business services not IT services

  2. Abstracting technologies & tool, delivering intended business value

  3. On-demand IT resource utilisation trending and forecasting

  4. Enabling precise IT resource capacity planning

  5. Promoting standardised IT service definition, delivery and consumption

  6. Providing distinct business service SLA (not IT SLAs) at justified cost

  7. Providing the TCO traceability from each individual IT resource building block up to the business service

  8. Facilitating hybrid cloud adoption, on-demand migration of pre-selected workloads to preferred public/private cloud environment(s), and

  9. Providing an enterprise-wide view of all the business service performance, real-time impact assessment and the business service TCO

#embracecloud not Technology 


Mohammad has invented and designed unique business impact and cost analysis analytics to deliver a true cloud for enterprises. The analytics enables organisations to reduce the cloud resource OpEx by 65%. The analytics leverages business impact and cost parameters to monitor the business service performance in real-time manner. The analytics reduces the time to complete the mission critical business transitions by 74%.

Mohammad is a cloud computing veteran and keen on exploring the IoT/IIoT areas to leverage his cloud expertise for innovative product design and development. He has three patent pending analytics in the field of cloud computing; published several high quality research papers in the International IEEE conferences and Journals.

Google “Mohammad Firoj Mithani” to know more.




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March 19, 2018

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